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Low Level Toilet Cisterns

A Low Level Cistern is designed to be installed at the rear of a low level toilet pan and connected to a short flush pipe. They're a popular range of cisterns for their ease of use and simplicity, as apposed to their alternative; a high level cistern. A low level cistern can be flushed using a handle or push button located on the cistern itself, whereas a high level cistern is slightly more complicated to install and can only be flushed using a chain.

We have a range of Macdee low level cisterns available to suit your needs. Take a look at our options below starting from as little as £28.99.

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Macdee Concord CCD41 Low Level Internal Overflow Toilet Cistern CCD41WH LL SISO O/F WC - Side Inlet
£24.16 Ex VAT
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Macdee CFE41WH Elan Low Level Dual Overflow Cistern in White - Side Inlet Dual Overflow
£26.08 Ex VAT
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