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Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 CWC3 CWC-3 Slim Macerator for Wall Hung Toilet, Sink and Shower – Low Noise Model

Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 CWC3 CWC-3 Slim Macerator for Wall Hung Toilet, Sink and Shower – Low Noise Model
Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 CWC3 CWC-3 Slim Macerator for Wall Hung Toilet, Sink and Shower – Low Noise Model
Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 CWC3 CWC-3 Slim Macerator for Wall Hung Toilet, Sink and Shower – Low Noise Model
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The SOLOLIFT2 CWC-3 is a small, compact automatic lifting station, specially designed for wall-hung toilets. The design is particularly slim, for easy integration into the hollow space of a modern pre-wall system to drain a wall-hung cistern.

The possibilities are endless thanks to the SOLOLIFT2s independence from the gravity drainpipe. The complete SOLOLIFT2 range was developed with convenience in mind. It simply requires a 20mm discharge pipe to operate, rendering it the ideal solution for modern living. Choose from a low start level for contemporary, slimline shower trays, or increase the pump volume for washing appliances or bathtub draining. Whether you are installing a wet room in an attic conversation or a draining room in the basement, SOLOLIFT2 offers outstanding results and peace of mind.

Why Choose the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2?

The new generation of compact lifting stations is here! Combining innovation with modern living, Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 macerator range is a giant leap forward in wastewater removal.

Compelled by the need for a smarter solution to compact lifting stations, Grundfos has taken its extensive knowledge and field experience and developed the SOLOLIFT2 in response to customer demands.

Motivated by Modern Comfort

New solutions, such as outstanding grinder performance, a special motor design for high starting and cutting momentum and dry access set up makes easy work for the professional and the home.

The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 is both Reliable and Durable

Designed for optimal performance, the powerful motor of the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 range features special winding and shaft technology. Combined with a durable, hardened stainless steel grinder, the range offers customers professional quality at a competitive price. In addition to its robuts nature, the safety and reliability, of SOLOLIFT2 makes it ideally equipped to handle the challenges of everyday life, bringing modern comfort to your home. Toilet paper and occasionally flushed personal hygiene products* are no longer a problem, thanks to the new SOLOLIFT2 grinder, which performs with the maximum reliability, whatever the situation. Thanks to a unique, welded, pressure-tight tank, SOLOLIFT2 ensures safety and reliability, particularly in grey water applications, such as dishwasher or washing machine pumps, which drain into the SOLOLIFT2. Combined with the ability to withstand constant temperatures of 90°C for up to 30 minutes, SOLOLIFT2 is the ideal solution for high temperature domestic appliances.

*disposal of personal hygiene products is not recommended.

Works in any existing installation

Time is money, which is why SOLOLIFT2 is the most effective lifting station on the domestic macerator market. Even where wastewater cannot be led by a natural downward slope, SOLOLIFT2 offers independence from the main drainpipe. This gives you the freedom to place new installations anywhere in your customer's home. Wall-integrated and freestanding models cater to every space

Easily replaceable - Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 - Will Replace Any Existing Macerator already installed including Saniflo

As a leading innovator in coldwater solutions for the domestic market, Grundfos has applied the "One size fits all" philosophy to SOLOLIFT2. Imagine a range of just five models that covers every application throughout the home.

Thanks to smart inlet and outlet connections, replacement has never been easier. Adjustable inlet connectors allow movement of up to 10mm, both vertically and horizontally for easy fitting to existing pipes. In addition selectable outlet direction and an optional variable discharge connection kit enables simple replacement of existing brands and models. Whatever the application, be it initial, retrofit or replacement, these unique features, combined with its extremely compact design, make SOLOLIFT2 the ideal choice.

Choose the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 for Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to extensive repairs thanks to SOLOLIFT2. External accessible level switch units avoid delving into trapped wastewaster. So, with SOLOLIFT2 you can say goodbye to messy repairs and dirty fingers! In addition, the need for tank cleaning is reduced to a minimum, thanks to the unique, self-cleaning design of SOLOLIFT2.

The Grundfos SOLOLIFT 2 has INCREDIBLY SIMPLE SERVICE  + Easy access to pump and motor

The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 is the most service-friendly domestic macerator on the market. Its integrated lift-out motor and pump unit enables fast and clean repairs and service… and no more dirty hands! With SOLOLIFT2 there is no need to remove the appliance, drain off and disconnect the discharge pipe. Just open the service lid for easy access to clean, dry components.

With its external manual anti-clogging function, a screwdriver is all you need to remove blockages. Accidentally flushed objects, such as children toys, which cannot be handled by the grinder, can be removed fast and effectively by simply unscrewing the service lid and removing the motor and pump unit within a few minutes.
Additional features, such as captive screw fastening, external pressure switch control and emergency tank draining via a simple socket and hose connection raise the bar in serviceability.

Cut down the work with the Grundfos SOLOLIFT2

Troublesome service and blocking in case of occasionally flushed feminine articles are the main drivers for lifting station repair and replacement, which is why Grundfos' SOLOLIFT2 reduces the need for repairs and maintenance to a minimum. This is achieved through a host of innovative features, ensuring optimal performance every time.

In the tank, SOLOLIFT2s unique sloping bottom and strong chamfer directs solid parts toward the pump. This lowers the risk of sedimentation or clogging. SOLOLIFT2 features an optional innovative USB style plug-and-go Alarm PCB. With easy installation, no batteries, no extra machining necessary and an early warning system in case of malfunction, monitoring is easy. All SOLOLIFT2 models have a built-in venting valve and an effective charcoal filter to avoid bad odour. Alternatively, SOLOLIFT2 can also be connected to a venting pipe via an integrated adaptor

The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 requires no regular cleaning

The self-cleaning design of SOLOLIFT2 keeps the grinder and tank free from sedimentation and odours. This means no need for regular cleaning or heavy chemical cleaners, thus benefitting the environment and your budget.

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