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Image for Grundfos SOLOLIFT Macerators and Pumps

Grundfos SOLOLIFT Macerators and Pumps

GRUNDFOS SOLOLIFT + A cheaper alternative to the Saniflo Macerator Range...

The Grundfos Sololift+ lifting stations stand out from the crowd with their sleek, compact design. The compact size makes them easy to incorporate in restricted spaces, and the elegant lines suit any interior.

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Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 Macerators and Pumps

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Grundfos SOLOLIFT Macerators and Pumps (cont)

The attractive design reflects the attention to detail that Grundfos always insists on. Having created a reliable, high-quality lifting station, the Grundfos design team went on to dedicate the same level of care to the exterior of all Sololift+ models. The process was completed with end-users in mind: no logo disturbs the discreet design, and the surfaces are easy to clean. Sololift+ adds value to any home.

Six models in the range
The full Grundfos Sololift+ range comprises 6 different models, each designed with a specific task in mind: handling toilet waste and/or one or several other sources of domestic wastewater, e.g. hand basins, bidets, baths, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

These New Quiter models replace the old Sololift 3-0 and Sololift 4-2 and also the Grundfos Wastemate and Grundfos Watermate