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Grundfos Shower Pumps

Grundfos have been producing quality engineered products, combined with first class pre and post sales service, for over 40 years. Grundfos shower pumps undergo rigorous 3 stage testing prior to leaving our factory, so whichever Grundfos product you select, you can be assured of quality, performance and safety.

All Grundfos pumps conform to both UK and European standards, are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and are supported by a Customer Service

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Grundfos Shower Pumps (cont)

Department and Technical Helpline that are second to none. Grundfos offer probably the widest and most comprehensive range of shower boosting solutions in the UK as well as a selection of Domestic Water product.

Grundfos Watermill Shower Pumps are made up of 4 ranges of shower pump, which are..

- Grundfos Amazon Brass Shower Pumps - The Premium Heavy Duty Brass Pump
Grundfos Amazon Postive Head Shower Pumps
Grundfos Amazon Negative Head Shower Pumps

- Grundfos Danube Low Voltage Shower Pumps - The Professional Low Voltage Pump

- Grundfos Niagra Shower Pumps - Automatic Centrifugal Shower Pumps

- Grundfos Nile Shower Pumps - Automatic Regenerative Shower Pumps

If you are unsure of what pump you require why not use the Grundfos Shower Pump Selector below..

Alternatively Call the Grundfos Watermill Technical Line on 0845 2000 912