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Milwaukee HSS-G Thunderweb Drill Bit (DIN338) 11×142 -1pc

Milwaukee HSS-G Thunderweb Drill Bit (DIN338) 11×142 -1pc
Milwaukee HSS-G Thunderweb Drill Bit (DIN338) 11×142 -1pc
Milwaukee HSS-G Thunderweb Drill Bit (DIN338) 11×142 -1pc
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Milwaukee HSS-G THUNDERWEB Metal Drill Bits design is unique, with a conical shaped web which gets thicker towards the back of the drill bit, (the web is the internal core of the drill bit) rather than constant thickness throughout like standard drill bits.
Has a parabolic web cross section that gives a larger web thickness increasing the strength of the bit, accepts higher feed pressure and torque, prevents breakage and increases the working life span of the drill bit.

The THUNDERWEB flute form ejects hot chips rapidly, dissipating heat better, increasing the life span, and working time.

The open flute form also reduces drill drawback, especially when drilling deeper holes.

The sharpened edges reduce binding for faster cleaner cuts, whilst the flatter twist angle creates smaller chippings, ideal for drilling harder steels ie. Stainless Steel.

The 135° split point allows for precision starting, quick penetration, requires less effort/feed pressure, and perfect for drilling very hard materials.

They are also great for drilling on curved surfaces.

EAN 4002395370283