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Sentinel x400 Sludge Remover System Restorer – For Central Heating Systems 1 Litre Bottle

Sentinel x400 Sludge Remover System Restorer – For Central Heating Systems 1 Litre Bottle
Sentinel x400 Sludge Remover System Restorer – For Central Heating Systems 1 Litre Bottle
Sentinel x400 Sludge Remover System Restorer – For Central Heating Systems 1 Litre Bottle
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Sentinel x400 Sludge Remover System Restorer - For Central Heating Systems

Effectively cleans heating systems where there is a  amount of corrosion debris build up.

Sentienel x400 sludge remover is ideal when fitting a new boiler/pump to an existing system.

Introduction to Sentinel X400 Sludge Remover

Specifically designed for existing systems Sentinel X400 System Restorer is a non-acid treatment for cleaning older heating systems, restoring circulation to radiators and pipework. A ruthlessly efficient way to eliminate the build-up of magnetite sludge, X400 is the quick and easy way to eliminate cold spots and restore full heat emission. Helps to improve and maintain system efficiency and conserve fuel.  New systems should be cleaned with Sentinel X300 System Cleaner or X800 Jeflo Ultimate Cleaner.
Restores systems with circulation problems

Eliminates radiator cold spots
•Can be used in all systems.
•Prepares existing systems for the installation of new boilers, pumps or panels.
•Does not cause pin-holing or leaks.

•1 litre bottle
•10 litre cubitainer
•20 litre cubitainer

"The GASTEC research document is particularly useful to us as we specialise in replacement boilers rather than in new build installations. It helps us to explain to our customers, in black and white, what the problems associated with sludge build-up are and what Sentinel chemicals can do to eliminate these problems and restore optimum efficiency to their heating system. Sentinel products and the back up service they provide are second to none and, as a company, we've always been pleased to work with them but this report helps us promote the fact that we work with a manufacturer which has carried out independent research to prove that its products live up to their claims."

David Humm Shelford Heating, Cambridgeshire, UK

Application of Sentinel X400 Sludge Remover

Sentinel X400 has been formulated for the effective cleaning of existing central heating systems where there is a significant amount of magnetite corrosion debris and sludge.

Sentinel X400 disperses old corrosion deposits and sludge. It is ideal for use where a new boiler or pump is to be fitted to an existing system, or where radiators have cold areas or are partly blocked due to sludge build up.

Sentinel X400 is a non-acid formulation which can be used in all types of indirect heating systems including those containing aluminium components.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sentinel X400

How does Sentinel X400 work?

Older, or poorly maintained systems can suffer from a build up of corrosion debris and other contaminants that settle in the system as a black sludge causing circulation problems resulting in cold spots in radiators or even blockage. Sentinel X400 works by lifting and dispersing the sludge into the circulating water so that it can be removed by draining and then flushing the system. After cleaning the system in this way, it should be filled with fresh water and protected from further corrosion using Sentinel X100 inhibitor.

How long can I leave Sentinel X400 in the system?

Sentinel X400 needs to be circulated in the system for a minimum of two hours at operating temperature, but can be left circulating for up to 4 weeks in heavily fouled systems.

My system is over 20 years of age - can I still use Sentinel X400?

Yes, Sentinel X400 is designed to help bring older or poorly maintained systems back to health. Sludge in the system leads to heating inefficiency and can damage pumps and valves. The older the system, the more likely it is to suffer from this problem.

I'm putting a new boiler (or new pump) onto my old system... Should I clean and flush the system before start-up?

Sentinel X400 is ideal for use where a new system component such as a pump or boiler is being replaced. This is an opportune time for cleaning the system with Sentinel X400 to remove sludge that could otherwise damage new parts... and of course, after cleaning, addition of inhibitor will protect the system and help prevent such problems occurring in the future.

Specific Gravity: 1.020 (20°C)
pH (concentrate): 7 (approx)
Freezing point: -1°C

EAN 5016402052740