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BWT WS Water Softeners

BWT Water Softeners - NOW WITH FREE COMMISSIONING - life's less complicated when things are made easy.

The BWT WS brand represents continuous development and review, the BWT WS range is often the first choice for water softeners purchased throughout the UK.

Discover the benefits of a BWT water softener in your home, you will see a noticeable difference to your skin, hair and clothes, less time spent washing and less money spent on shampoos and detergents. Your new Waterside Water softener will soon pay back the investment you made in it.

A BWT water softener will also help protect your home from the damaging effects of scale, providing protection for your central heating system, hot water heater and other domestic appliances.

BWT Waterside Water Softeners - Now with Free Commissioning

This new free service will see a commissioning engineer taking on the customer service element of the new installation. The engineer's visit can be booked with the BWT commissioning team by either the installer or the customer directly.

During the visit, the BWT Waterside Engineer will check the softener is set up in line with the homeowner's requirements, that it is operating efficiently, take the householder through the basic set-up procedure, explain the features and benefits on the model that has been chosen, and will give the customer the chance to ask any questions they may have.

The new scheme is designed to pass the responsibility for the water softener from the installer to BWT, releasing the installer from the need to undertake additional customer training, or to be the first port of call if there is an issue with the unit's operation, especially in the early days of ownership.

The BWT engineer is not a plumber,so won’t be checking the pipework or other parts of the installation, as BWT believes this is best left to the installer.

The free service is designed to enhance BWT's customer care, helping prevent anxiety among new customers, ensuring they benefit from softened water without needing to call back the busy installer.

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BWT WS555 WS Series Luxury Water Softener Light Commercial Meter Controlled - Includes Installation Kit for Any System
£633.33 Ex VAT
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BWT WS355 WS Meter Controlled Water Softener - Includes 15mm Installation Kit, 15mm Hoses
£358.33 Ex VAT
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