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BWT WS355 Hi-Flo WS Series Luxury Water Softener Meter Controlled – Includes 22mm Hi-Flo Maxflo Hoses for High Flo Systems with Filter Tap

BWT WS355 Hi-Flo WS Series Luxury Water Softener Meter Controlled – Includes 22mm Hi-Flo Maxflo Hoses for High Flo Systems with Filter Tap
BWT WS355 Hi-Flo WS Series Luxury Water Softener Meter Controlled – Includes 22mm Hi-Flo Maxflo Hoses for High Flo Systems with Filter Tap
BWT WS355 Hi-Flo WS Series Luxury Water Softener Meter Controlled – Includes 22mm Hi-Flo Maxflo Hoses for High Flo Systems with Filter Tap

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Plumbing Systems Compatibility Guide 

Standard System with stored water (15mm pipework)
Combination Boiler
Unvented/Pressurised system / Megaflow
No - Use WS355

This new release from BWT replaces the MC350 Water Softener.

BWT WS355 Water Softener - Delivering Irresistibly soft  silky luxury water.

Now Includes Free Commissioning

What does the Free Commissioning Involve?

This new free service will see a commissioning engineer taking on the customer service element of the new installation. The engineer's visit can be booked with the BWT commissioning team by either the installer or the customer directly.

During the visit, the engineer will check the softener is set up in line with the homeowner's requirements, that it is operating efficiently, take the householder through the basic set-up procedure, explain the features and benefits on the model that has been chosen, and will give the customer the chance to ask any questions they may have.

The new scheme is designed to pass the responsibility for the water softener from the installer to BWT, releasing the installer from the need to undertake additional customer training, or to be the first port of call if there is an issue with the unit's operation, especially in the early days of ownership.

The BWT engineer is not a plumber,so won’t be checking the pipework or other parts of the installation, as BWT believes this is best left to the installer. The free service is designed to enhance BWT's customer care, helping prevent anxiety among new customers, ensuring they benefit from softened water without needing to call back the busy installer

Find Out More - Free Commissioning

BWT WS355 Water Softener - Features at a Glance:

Low water and salt usage = lower operating costs.
Sleek modern design = sits comfortably into most kitchen environments.
Developed for UK plumbing systems = trouble-free luxury water.
Advanced electronic control system = effi cient operation.
Rotary valve = reliability.
Robust materials = durability.
Easy set up = simple operation.
Five models to choose from (10-25 litres).

Also comes with a free filter kit:

A Waterside drinking water filter system can provide a simple and effective way to significantly improve the quality of the water you use for drinking and food preparation in the home.

The advanced filter technology used within these products can greatly improve the taste, smell and appearance of your water, which means your tea, coffee and cold drinks will not only look better but taste better as well.

A Waterside drinking water system can be easily and neatly installed out of site in the cupboard underneath your sink and is a real alternative to bottled water and the typical household filter jug.

Reduces sediment, unpleasant tastes and odours
Easy to install and use
Long life cartridge (up to 6 months)
Chrome finish swivel tap
Fitting kit and illustrated instructions
Replacement cartridge reminder system
Hole recess for tap for worktop is 12mm.

Delivering Irresistibly soft silky luxury water

After a busy day imagine slipping into a hot inviting bath or an invigorating shower and feeling the aches of the day drift away as your body is caressed by the touch of irresistibly soft silky luxurious water.

Step relaxed and refreshed into an opulent soft fluffy robe and gently dry your shiny smooth hair and skin. This may sound like an expensive spa treatment but this luxurious lifestyle is easily achieved by one simple change in your home – the installation of a soft water system. Easily fitted you’ll soon start to feel the benefits.

Your domestic appliances will last much longer your kitchen and bathrooms will be easier to clean and amazingly your clothes will take on a new found luxury and softness. Softened water uses less soap and detergents than hard water which is not only good news for the environment but the household budget too. Your heating system will also be given a new lease of life as over time softened water will help dissolve and wash away limescale that has accumulated over the years helping to restore its efficiency.

With research development and customer feedback at the centre of the WS355 water softener design it's no wonder that the unit is one of the most simple and easy to use water softeners on the market today. Setting up your WS355 water softener is as easy as operating your washing machine all you need to do is set the time of day and value of the water hardness entering your home and you're away - set it once and forget it.

Drinking Water Filter Taps

Important Information: Water Authority bylaws require that one tap in the house remains unsoftened. It is also recommended that the garden tap is left with a hard water supply. Here at Buyaparcel we have have a comprehensive range of modern and contemporary drinking water taps.

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