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Bristan Electric Showers

Bristan Electric Showers - Replace the Newteam Electric Showers, Showerforce Electric Showers

Simplicity itself combined with handsome good looks. An endless torrent of soothing hot water at your fingertips makes the Bristan electric showers the ideal choice. If you're thinking electric, then look no further

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Bristan Smile 3 8.5kw Electric Shower White with Chrome Riser Rail and Shower Head SM385W
£71.66 Ex VAT
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Bristan Electric Showers (cont)

than Bristan.

An instantaneous electric shower is fed with cold water direct from the mains supply and has a small canister inside it that uses electricity to heat the water.

There is no need to heat a tank of hot water before you take a shower, the shower is instant and economical to use. They are also relatively easy to install requiring one water connection from the cold mains supply and an electrical supply. A qualified electrician should install the electrical supply.

The performance of an instantaneous electric shower depends on the incoming cold water temperature and the power rating of the shower itself which is usually between 7 and 10.4 kilowatts. The higher the kilowatt rating of the shower, the greater the flow. A typical 8.5kW shower will deliver between 3 and 4 litres per minute depending on the incoming water temperature.

An Electric Shower requires the supply of mains cold water with a minimum running pressure of 1.0bar and maximum of 10bar.

An independent stop valve should be fitted in the water supply to allow maintenance and servicing. In hard water areas an in-line scale reducer can also be fitted and regularly cleaned to ensure reliability.

The water supply to the shower inlet can be either 15mm copper or a 15mm plastic pipe.

Most supply pipework for Bristan electric showers can be fed from the top left, bottom left, behind left (concealed in the wall), bottom right or behind right.

Bristan have now added 4 new styles of electric shower to there range. These are the Smile, Glee, Joy and Bliss. All of these new Bristan Electric showers can be used to replace many existing showers due to there multiple cable and water entry points and adjustable riser rail.

All 4 of these new Bristan Electric Showers have been added to our range and are available to buy below.

For more information on Bristan Electric Showers visit the Bristan Website

Are you replacing your existing Newteam or Showerforce Electric Shower?

Are you looking to replace your old Showerforce Shower or Newteam Electric Shower? Did you know they are manufactured by Bristan.

Shower Force was the brand name used by New Team for the sale of their products through many of the large DIY stores.

The current Bristan range of electric showers are direct replacements for many of these Showerforce and Newteam Showers which are now no longer available