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2 x Bosch 18v 4.0Ah Cool Pack Battery Lithium Ion Cordless Battery 4.0ah

2 x Bosch 18v 4.0Ah Cool Pack Battery Lithium Ion Cordless Battery 4.0ah
2 x Bosch 18v 4.0Ah Cool Pack Battery Lithium Ion Cordless Battery 4.0ah
2 x Bosch 18v 4.0Ah Cool Pack Battery Lithium Ion Cordless Battery 4.0ah
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Featuring electronic coding for tools and chargers, high power contacts with silver coating, capacity indicator with 3 LEDs, red Cool Pack housing constructed of heat conductive material, in-built temperature sensor, large ergonomic release button for ease of use, robust housing and slide-in interface.

Efficient Bosch cooling technology in and around the battery prevents heat damage, gives up to 65 percent longer run-time and up to 100 percent longer lifetime. 4.0Ah Cool Pack cells have finer 'windings' than 3.0Ah allowing more power density in the same pack size with less electrical resistance, making it more efficient.

This means less frequent battery charges and 4.0Ah batteries are fully charged in just 45 minutes.

What is the Benefit of the New Bosch Cool Touch Batteries?

Bosch Cool Pack Battery

4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion CoolPack batteries - only from Bosch
Up to 65% longer run-time
Up to 100% longer lifetime
Flexible Power System
2-year Bosch Battery Warranty
Premium Service

The Battery Premium Service is an extension of the scope of services (regarding validity period and content) of the existing 3 year warranty offer requiring registration of batteries with part and serial number and provision of sales receipt and registration certificate when batteries are sent in for service.

Bosch Cool Pack Battery and Drill

4.0 Ah Coolpacks have finer cell ‘windings’ than 3.0 Ah, allowing more power density (more ‘fuel’ (Ah) in same pack size) and less electrical resistance / greater ‘fuel efficiency’ (run-time per Ah).

Bosch Independent Test Bar Chart

User benefits of the Bosch 4ah Cool Pack 

No need to change battery packs so often
4.0 Ah battery is fully charged in
45 minutes (charger AL1860 CV)

More Run Time with The Bosch Coolpack Batteries

Standard cell overheating

Bosch Cool Pack Heat Flow

Heat commonly caused by electrical resistance can damage or even kill cells.

Bosch CoolPack technology inside and around the pack balances and dissipates this heat effectively so the batteries stay cooler and live longer.

The 4ah Coolpack Batteries are completely compatible with existing tools and chargers.

These Coolpack battery is also the most light and compact battery on the market 600g.

EAN 5055995501877