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Fiskars 121423 FSK121423 XS X7 Wood Chopping Axe 850g and FSK120740 Sharpening Tool

Fiskars 121423 FSK121423 XS X7 Wood Chopping Axe 850g and FSK120740 Sharpening Tool
Fiskars 121423 FSK121423 XS X7 Wood Chopping Axe 850g and FSK120740 Sharpening Tool
Fiskars 121423 FSK121423 XS X7 Wood Chopping Axe 850g and FSK120740 Sharpening Tool
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Fiskars makes world class axes for all types of applications from logging to splitting and tree felling. People all over the world have come to appreciate the design and efficiency of the Fiskars Axe - their perfect blade geometry, use of modern materials and above all their near indestructibility. Fiskars offers a broad range of axes from smaller camping axes all the way through to the largest splitting axe, Fiskars X27. whatever you are chopping or splitting, Fiskars has a striking solution in its range of axes.

Overview of the Fiskars X7 Wood Chopping Axe 121423

Fiskars Chopping Axe X7 is great for universal cutting tasks suitable for campers, hikers, and as a companion for outdoor activities as well as being practical for the car or boat. This chopping axe features the right balance between the head and shaft for its most safe, comfortable and efficient use. The blade has thin, wide edge that ensures a clean, easy cut through fresh and resinous wood. The blade is also PTFE coated for protection against corrosion.

The ultra-light and durable FiberComp™ handle minimises fatigue and makes the axe virtually unbreakable. Also has an optimal anti-shock surface structure ensuring a comfortable, firm grip while the hooked end of the handle prevents the axe from slipping. The axe is also weatherproof.

Comes with a plastic sheath for easy carrying and storage.

Overview of the Fiskars Sharpener

The sharpener has an optimised sharpening angle for Fiskars blades with an easy-to-use mechanism. It is compact in size for convenient portability.

What is Fiskars FibreComp?

According to our Fiskars engineers, FiberComp® is an advanced composite of fiberglass in a thermoset polymer matrix. The rest of us just call it amazing, because FiberComp® performs like no material we've ever encountered. It weighs next to nothing, yet ounce for ounce is many times stronger that steel. It can be molded into virtually any shape, allowing us to create ergonomic designs of unprecedented comfort and efficiency. Unlike metal, FiberComp® is entirely immune to rust and offers superb shock-absorbing characteristics. Plus, the naturally slip-resistant surface and low cold conductivity make it ideal for outdoor work in the most inclement conditions. All these qualities make FiberComp® the material of choice for peak performance and maximum comfort in our very finest garden tools. But don't take our word for it using is believing!

Fiskars Chopping Axe Vs Splitting Axe

Fiskars Chopping axe – The Universal Chopping Axe’s thin, wide edge ensures a clean, easy cut in fresh, resinous wood, like spruce or pine.

Fiskars Splitting axe – The Splitting Axe features a unique cutting edge that easily slices into the wood, which the thick axe blade then pushes apart.

Why buy a Fiskars Axe?

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