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Aqualisa QZD.A1.BV.DVFW.14 QUARTZ Digital Concealed Standard Thermostatic Mixer Shower with Diverter to Fixed Wall Shower Head – FOR HIGH PRESSURE / COMBI BOILER / MAINS FED PLUMBING SYSTEMS

Aqualisa QZD.A1.BV.DVFW.14 QUARTZ Digital Concealed Standard Thermostatic Mixer Shower with Diverter to Fixed Wall Shower Head – FOR HIGH PRESSURE / COMBI BOILER / MAINS FED PLUMBING SYSTEMS
Aqualisa QZD.A1.BV.DVFW.14 QUARTZ Digital Concealed Standard Thermostatic Mixer Shower with Diverter to Fixed Wall Shower Head – FOR HIGH PRESSURE / COMBI BOILER / MAINS FED PLUMBING SYSTEMS
Aqualisa QZD.A1.BV.DVFW.14 QUARTZ Digital Concealed Standard Thermostatic Mixer Shower with Diverter to Fixed Wall Shower Head – FOR HIGH PRESSURE / COMBI BOILER / MAINS FED PLUMBING SYSTEMS
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Standard - for use with High Pressure Systems Mains Fed and Combi systems

Aqualisa Quartz features at a glance..

The original best-selling Digital shower
- Adjustable clear flow anti-scaling Varispray shower head offers family flexibility
- Compact remotely sited processor makes for easy installation
- Suitable for virtually all domestic plumbing systems
- 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee

The Aqualisa Quartz Digital shower has a stylish, concealed control and Aqualisa’s digital diverter technology. The clever technology allows you to switch between a 105mm adjustable shower head and a 250mm wall-fixed drencher shower head at a touch of a button. The Adjustable shower head has 4 spray patterns, including an eco-spray which can produce water savings of up to 25% without compromising your showering experience.

The push button will allow easy, instant switching between the adjustable head and drencher head which makes it very family friendly. When the one touch controls LED display lights stop flashing, it's time to shower. For even more convenience you can add a remote control and start your preferred shower head from outside the shower area.
The days of Getting splashed with cold water or guessing if your shower is hot enough will be a thing of the past.

Aqualisa Quartz Digital QZD.A1.BV.DVFW.14 Shower Features at a Glance.

Thermostatically controlled showering
Switch between 105mm, adjustable shower head and 250mm wall-fixed, drencher shower head at the touch of a button
Push button, one touch controls
LED display indicates when water has reached pre-set temperature
Comes complete with a drencher shower head and an adjustable shower head
400mm arm on drencher head allows compatibility with majority of shower enclosures
Adjustable shower head has 4 spray patterns, including a water saving eco-spray
Choice of flow rates that can be selected during installation
On installation, you can select the shower outlet you want to start first every time
Activate eco-mode on shower’s processor during installation to reduce flow and make water go up to 33% further
Up to 25% water savings when using adjustable shower head’s eco-setting – without compromising your showering experience
Compatible with most UK domestic water systems
5 year Aqualisa guarantee for control and processor
2 year Aqualisa guarantee for accessories and shower heads

Why Choose the Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower?

Aqualisa Quartz Digital is simplicity itself. It's safe, powerful, easy to use and can be installed in as little as two hours. Aqualisa has achieved the impossible.

The best selling Aqualisa Quartz Digital springs to life with one touch. A red flashing light tells you when your chosen temperature has been reached and therefore when it is safe to 'step in'.

The Aqualisa Quartz Exposed Shower (off the wall) model is so simple to install it can take as little as two hours, which can significantly reduce installation costs. With only four screws fixing the complete system to the wall, it also minimises damage to tiling or bathroom decor.

How does Aqualisa Quartz Digital Exposed Shower QZD.A1.BV.DVFW.14 work?

At the heart of Aqualisa Quartz is a 'remote' processor which replaces the traditional valve and pump usually installed on or behind the bathroom wall.

Aqualisa Quartz Processor
Aqualisa Digital processor for HP/Combi

The processor for the Aqualisa Quartz can be positioned just about anywhere - hidden under the bath in the loft or perhaps in the airing cupboard - it is simply connected to the control by a low voltage data cable.

The Aqualisa Quartz processor blends the water to your selected temperature and delivers it safely to the shower head.

Aqualisa Quartz is suitable for most mains fed combination boilers and pressurised unvented systems. Aqualisa Quartz is also suitable for pumped gravity systems.About the size of a small shoe box the remotely sited Aqualisa Quartz Processor will provide up to 25 litres of water a minute at the showerhead

The unique microprocessor technology ensures that your Aqualisa Quartz is at the right temperature every time regardless of changes in incoming water temperature.

A low voltage data cable connects to the control in the showering area. The elegant control incorporates a stop/start button and a rotary control for adjusting the temperature. A red light ring flashes when the Aqualisa Quartz is warming up and remains constant when the set temperature is achieved and it is safe to step into the shower.

Locating the Processor for the Aqualisa QUARTZ QZD.A1.BV.DVFW.14 standard Shower...

Locating the Aqualisa Quartz Processor

The Aqualisa Quartz Digital now includes Aqualisa's Harmony Handset!

Aqualisa Harmony Head Handset

Offering excellent showering with all water systems, Harmony shower heads deliver a great all-round performance.

What makes the Aqualisa Harmony Showerhead so good?

Combining contemporary looks with great functionality, the new Harmony shower heads from Aqualisa are now featured across many of our ranges – old and new.

Designed to deliver an uncompromising showering experience from both high and low pressure systems, Harmony is packed with thoughtful, user friendly features. Harmony teams the deluxe 105mm head the Aqualisa Quartz DigitalQuartz ThermoDream and Aspire shower systems, whilst the compact 90mm Harmony head partners our new Colt and Siren, as well as AquastreamMidas 100 and 200. With some clever tweaks, and featuring five spray patterns, Harmony is the perfect match for Quartz Electric. Plus, with a Harmony shower head our Midas 100 now performs superbly on low pressure water systems as well as high.

Main Features of the Aqualisa Harmony Handset

• Impressive spray patterns and uncompromising showering experience
• Water saving ‘eco’ spray setting on mixer ranges
• Anti limescale, rub clean nozzles to help maintain shower performance
• Thoughtful anti-twist hose connection to extend the life of the hose

Aqualisa Harmony Head Handset Spray Pattern

Optimising your shower The cleverly designed spray patterns deliver a concentrated and fuller spray for a satisfying showering experience, even with low pressure
water systems.

Aqualisa Harmony Head Handset Rub Clean Nozzle

Easy clean nozzles Harmony’s rub clean nozzles are designed to make cleaning and
limescale removal easy, reducing the  need for chemical de-scaling, and maintaining shower performance.

Aqualisa Harmony Head Handset Multi Function Head

Water saving Harmony’s ‘eco’ spray setting, on mixer showers, is capable of delivering up to 25% water saving, without compromising the showering experience.

Aqualisa Harmony Head Handset Anti Twist hose

Anti-twist hose connection A thoughtfully designed anti-twist mechanism allows the shower head to swivel independently from the hose to avoid twisting, maintaining performance and extending the life of the hose.

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