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Abus TVAC80010B Time-Lapse Motion Detector Outdoor Camera HD

Abus TVAC80010B Time-Lapse Motion Detector Outdoor Camera HD
Abus TVAC80010B Time-Lapse Motion Detector Outdoor Camera HD
Abus TVAC80010B Time-Lapse Motion Detector Outdoor Camera HD
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Things that seem endless become short and sweet! The time-lapse camera shoots photos in predefined intervals and outputs them as a video stream in HD 720p resolution.
Months become minutes, days become seconds.

The time lapse shortens protracted processes to just a few minutes. In this way you can present the construction of your house in a two-minute video, for example. And it can also be used to show other processes that are interrupted by waiting periods or that are simply too slow. This makes sense for commercial applications (construction projects, production processes, experiments, etc.).

Real time where it makes sense
As an alternative to the time-lapse mode, you can also use the camera to record real-time videos in HD 720p resolution. The recording is then started by the integrated PIR motion sensor – whenever something is happening in front of the lens.

Easy playback of videos
Since the individual images are output in a smooth video stream, the video file can be easily copied to a PC and played back there. It is not necessary to piece together individual image files.

Can be used everywhere – thanks to battery operation
Thanks to a battery run time of up to nine months (depending on the operating mode), large construction projects, slow processes, etc., can be recorded over a long period. The time-lapse function allows these processes to be reduced to just a few minutes – whether for documentation of the project or for monitoring the construction site against theft.

Freely selectable speed
The time intervals of the time lapse in which individual images are shot can be flexibly set depending on the application. From one image per second up to one image every 24 hours.

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